Alok Jethli

Dear Students, Teachers, Volunteers, and my AWIM teammates.

I am pleased to share my thoughts on AWIM and my association with SAE INDIA initiatives.

The future of our society is built on temples of education, self-learning, and wisdom we gain by practice. Schools at elementary or higher secondary level and subsequently in Professional Colleges are the foundations where we get ample opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge. However SAE initiatives are the ones which hon these skills further and prepare you for a better tomorrow.

SAE has been promoting the cause of STEM .i.e. science and Math awareness in schools and application science in Undergraduate Engineering colleges. 

AWIM ( a world in Motion) is one such initiative and a wonderful interactive way of preparing young champions for their on-board life's journey. 

I got the privilege to get involved in all programs of SAE Student activities like BAJA, SUPRA, Efficycle but AWIM is very near to my heart and gives me immense satisfaction in contributing to this cause. AWIM is an innovative platform for school children that helps them connect textbooks knowledge to the real world in a practical gaming  atmosphere. They learn to work as a team, think, solve problems together and seek ways to excel. When some of the teams slowly climb from school to regional to national AWIM Olympics they learn a lot in winning and losing. They also realize very early in life that there is no one single solution to any problem. 

They also come up with very innovative concepts to solve mobility issues, traffic congestion, and multi-purpose vehicles to suit everyone’s needs.

That they learn concepts of science and their applications in the process almost seems like a bonus! 

Both kinds of learning are important for the growth of the nation and are being encouraged. Their scientific temperament is kindled by highly motivated, dedicated youth volunteers, teachers and professionals with passion. Kudos to SAE fraternity in achieving this outstanding feat of instilling scientific temperament to students at a very young age

My vision is to see the spread of this program across the country and would like to see every school student get associated with this initiative, to glow and grow as well as introduce more toys for 7th and 8th-grade students.

All the best young Champions 


Alok Jaitley



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