Chairman’s Message

Dinesh Tyagi - Chairman, SAENIS-min

Dear Members,

Warm Greetings!

As a relatively younger member in view of joining the SAE fraternity, I foresaw a tremendous scope for further increasing the value addition for our members. It is indeed a platform offering a diverse exposure through its activities to all our members. 

As was called upon by Late Dr K Kumar, our Mentor and First SAEINDIA President “SAEINDIA (needs) to put concerted efforts for dissemination of Technical Knowledge and for inspiring young engineers for deep analysis of real-life problems through use of systematic approach and statistical analysis”. It is indeed a reflection of the goal and objective of SAE as an association to bring forth the best in each of our members.

When I took charge at SAE Northern India Section in April 2018, I had a Vision to see our fraternity grow and aid in the overall development of the individuals and thereby the organizations that they come from, leading to a positive support from the automotive industry for the overall development of our country

SAENIS continuously tries to recognize and develop the talent in the fraternity to realise its Vision, be sustainable and find ways to minimize the impact of any adverse situation which we may come across from time to time. COVID 19 is one such challenge faced by everyone across the globe without a bias. The automotive fraternity is majorly impacted by it and has seen a severe slowdown. We have evolved ourselves in the new norm and quickly adapted to the changing business environment i.e., digital way of working.

In 2020-21 our flagship events like Efficycle 20, TTTMS 20 and Summer School for Automotive Technologies were held virtually. The palpable enthusiasm from the student community and mobility engineers deserves excellent appreciation!

Membership drive was carried out for the industry and also in associated events. This resulted in 23% increase in numbers of Professional Members in 20-21 and SAENIS crossing the 4 figure mark of Professionals for the first time since inception.

For 2021-22, SAENIS has envisaged more challenges in the regular event format and taken up new mega events to achieve higher reach and involvement of the SAE community by way of participation. Total of 55 Events have been planned.

The most exciting event in 2021-22 would be First Virtual Autonomous Challenge competition for students with unique format of hands-on Technology Experience, Technology Display and Knowledge Sharing. Expected target foot-fall of more than 4,000 people from various domains. The virtual event to be concluded on 3rd and 4th February 2022 with top 50 teams participating in the physical event.

Another first is the “Motion in Control – India Vehicle Handling Conference 2021” with demonstration of Technology on Test Track planned in Nov 21 and Dec 21. First 4-day Virtual Vehicle Handling Conference planned in Aug 2021.

Further, the 4th edition of iTEC INDIA 2021 is scheduled from 16th to 18th Dec 2021. TTTMS 2021, in its fourth edition, is taking place from 22nd Sept 2021 to 25th Sept 2021.

Our regular events like Efficycle 21 for Engineering students with new features and challenges and AWIM for school students, technical lectures in Engineering colleges and Student Conventions are continuing

We wish to assure the automotive fraternity that we will strive continuously to propagate knowledge dissemination and skills enhancement to Academia’s mobility engineers and members, increase the value proposition to all key stakeholders, including individual members and many student members from over 400 collegiate clubs all over the country.

Our website will become the organization’s face in the changing digital dominance, It is also important to get Customer Insights using Technology through all its Activities and then relearning and reworking the Activity Calendar. We look forward to users’ suggestions for making our website more vibrant more vibrant. 

In my view our efforts in creating Action oriented thought leaders who should then volunteer their time and energy in shaping India’s Future. Challenge lies in responding continually to changing demands that enhance value proposition and involvement.

Let us work together in making this an enlightening and enriching experience for all of us


Best wishes and warm regards,

Dinesh Kumar Tyagi

Chairman - SAE Northern India Section